Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Typical RC script for Scan Insertion

read_netlist -top ahb_master

read_sdc ahb_master.sdc

set_attribute dft_scan_style muxed_scan

define_dft test_mode -name test_mode -active high test_mode

define_dft shift_enable -name scan_en -hookup_pin [find / -pin dft_fix/Z] -active high ahb_master/dft_fix/Z (if using an internal pin for scan enable)

define_dft scan_chain -name chain1 -sdi -sdo -shared_out -shared_select test_mode

(assuming that you are using shared scan input and scan outputs)


report dft_registers > dft_reg.rpt

report dft_setup > dft_setup.rpt

set_attribute dft_max_length_of_scan_chains

synthesize -to_mapped

connect_scan_chains -preview -auto_create_chains

connect_scan_chains -pack

report dft_chains > chain.rpt

write_hdl >

write_script > dft.tcl

write_atpg -mentor

I have found that the RC tool does not write out a really useful testproc file
I will soon upload a proc file, keep watching

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DFT Adviosr typical do file

analyze control signals -auto_fix

set system mode dft
setup scan identification full_scan

setup test_point identification -control 0 -observe 0 -noverbose
report statistics
report sequential instances -unidentified -nonscannable
write scan identification seq_inst_rpt -replace -identified -defined_scan
insert test logic -scan on -test_point on -ram on -number 1 -hierarchical off
write netlist -replace
write atpg setup -replace

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Please Note

Take care while using the dont_touch attribute when there are gated clocks in the design